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In the 10s, a new mission steadily arose from our extensive experience in the world of cans. We believed the rise of an ever more multi-faceted beer culture in the Netherlands deserved all the support it could get. Because we are true fans. Of the product itself, and especially the passion and individuality with which it is made. In 2019, the first Canlab order was a reality.

Our ambition? Offering independent, small-scale breweries the same opportunities that larger breweries have created for themselves. We do so by offering professional services to smaller businesses when it comes to packaging, canning and personalisation. Our mobile canning line is the perfect example of this: through on-site canning at the exact moment the beer is in optimal condition, we contribute to maximum quality. Our state-of-the-art digital printer ensures the outward appearance of the beverages is at least as delightful as their flavour. This way, we’ve experienced a variety of amazing collaborations, leading to end products we are immensely proud of. Tastes like more, so to speak.

And the great thing is: more and more markets are discovering the benefits of canned beverages. The optimum taste, lower costs, convenience and sustainability benefits all play a role in this. As such, we nowadays also happily can wine, kombucha, water and hard seltzers. Who knows what else the future will bring!

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Brunswijkstraat 6
7418 EM Deventer
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 570 745 058

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