Craft beers

Our company originated from the ambition to offer independent, small-scale breweries the same opportunities that larger breweries have created for themselves. That’s why we offer professional services to smaller businesses when it comes to packaging, canning and personalisation. Since then, we’ve experienced a variety of amazing collaborations, leading to end products we are immensely proud of. That tasted like more, so to speak.


Mixed drinks (RTD cocktails)

RTD alcoholic beverages allow consumers with choice, both in terms of the wide variety of new innovative products and the option to choose healthier options such as lower alcohol, lower calories and smaller volumes.

The visual nature of social media is having a marked impact on packaging across all categories. The stylish but approachable aesthetic keeps canned RTDs accessible.

Canned formats allow consumers to drink complex cocktails at the beach or at festivals with minimal fuss, meaning that if drink makers get the design of their brands right, they’re much more likely to be photographed by consumers in aspirational and brand-aligned settings.

The RTD beverage category is growing rapidly, and with this growth comes further demand for professional partners supplying and designing cans.


Soft drinks

The soft drink of today is more than a classic thirst quencher. Our customers continue to elevate soft drinks to new heights. Each can is bursting with refreshing flavour, and ingredients are being chosen with increasing care. This deserves packaging that ensures optimal taste and is also refreshingly vibrant in appearance. One of the biggest pros of storing soft drinks in a can is that the product suffers no light pollution, less time to cool, less weight so easier to carry them around and have a tighter seal, so they are less likely to let in air or release carbonation.



Canned wines are booming because they offer convenience (easy to throw in a bag when heading to a friend’s house or the park), smaller serve sizes (you don’t have to commit to drinking a full bottle) and they have a positive environmental benefit too. All really important factors for conscious consumers in their purchasing decisions nowadays.

They are also fantastic at breaking down the pomp and complexity that wine can be perceived to carry, which can be a barrier to lots of people. They have the potential to be a brilliant open door to bringing wine into more people’s everyday life.

Who we are

Hello and welcome at CanLab! Internationally trusted can supplier of the world’s finest craft beverages. We fullfill the can dream of our beverage partners, whatever beverage they produce. We give products made with passion the packaging they deserve, by being the most flexible full service partner.

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