What we do

It’s our power to transform ideas into perfectly sealed masterpieces. Through supplying and designing your cans.


Standard, sleek or slim: we offer cans in all familiar sizes. We have a standard stock of various colours and the minimum purchase volume is no more than just one pallet. When it comes to the maximum volume… the sky’s the limit. We also offer secondary packaging, like carriers and cardboard boxes. We are happy to help you!

Technical details:

  • BPA-NI and Epoxy in stock
  • Low and high pallet specification
  • Various types of packaging: export or returnable


Your can could be so much more than just a can. By personalizing your packaging, you complement taste with appearance. In this process we do everything we can to take away every conceivable limit, whether practical or creative.

Digital printing
Print your designs directly onto cans. We offer high print quality, up to 1600 dpi. Photorealistic images, all sorts of finishes (glossy or matte), different structures; the possibilities are endless. Digital printing instead of sleeving means printing without a ‘seam’, all the way to the neck (or shoulder) of the can. In other words: a great opportunity to provide your product with a completely unique design.

Our unique installation allows us to sleeve open cans without the need for a steamer. The cans are provided with a shrink sleeve, a printed piece of film that shrinks because of heat and forms a second skin around the can. This reduces the risk of deposits on the inside of the can. Our system allows us to fully encircle the can with a PE label designed with the latest printing and painting technology. Of course, we always work with recyclable PE and never use PVC.

Curious about the vibrant colour and design options? We are happy to help you design the sleeves, and we can even take care of the entire process for you. We can offer our digitally printed sleeves in small batches or classic runs starting at 20,000 units. Please contact us if you’d like to receive a demo box! We’ll send you six cans and an overview of the amazing possibilities.

We prefer labelling open cans, but it’s possible to label filled cans, too. Contact us to hear all about the options.


On a global scale, canned beverages develop strongly from craft beer into multiple other beverage categories; we tried to segment them into beer, mixed drinks, wine and soft drinks.