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It started back in the days with the rise of a more versatile beer culture in the Netherlands which we felt inspired to support thanks to our general passion for beer and beverages overall. Thanks to a life-long experience in the can industry, the first order became reality in 2019 under the company Can x Lab.

Since then, our journey turned into becoming an internationally recognized company in producing cans for more than beer only. Today we serve each kind of customer who likes to have cans for their alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage brand which make us one of the most flexible & experienced partners for designing and supplying beverage cans.

What we do

We tailor our services to the needs of your brand and the business phase you are in. There is flexibility in every part of our offer.

There is flexibility in every part of our offer.

Flexible in size
Not sure which size fits your brand? Don’t worry; we offer a large variety of sizes, from 150 to 500ml.

Flexible in technique
We offer every imaginable solution to personalise your can; labels, sleeves and digital printing.

Flexible in design
We make every design possible, there are no creative limits!

Flexible in filling
Do you prefer to have your product filled at your location or somewhere else? Know that we can connect you to the right filling partner thanks to our large network of filling partners across Europe.

Flexible in volume
Whatever can, design or technique you select, we will not hold you to unfair order quantities.


Why a can?

Taste, taste, taste.

Why canned beverages?

To guarantee the quality of beverages that have been made with love, cans are the better choice. Cans transmit 0% harmful light, compared to at least 2% for bottled beverages. Canned drinks weight much less than bottled drinks. That translates into lower shipping costs. In addition, cans are more compact and easy to stack.

In short, cans are a dynamic packaging to personalize and design a beverage brand, allowing the brand owners to achieve the success they deserve.

And that’s certainly not all!


Craft beers, mixed drinks, wine and soft drinks.

Who are our customers?

On a global scale, canned beverages develop strongly from craft beer into multiple other beverage categories; we distinguish beer, mixed drinks, wine and soft drinks.

Craft beer
Our company originated from the ambition to offer independent, small-scale breweries the same opportunities that larger breweries have created for themselves.

Mixed drinks
From wine to kombucha and water to hard seltzers; together with our customers we bring extraordinary taste to every corner of Europe.

Cans have the potential to be a brilliant open door to bringing wine into more people’s everyday life.

Soft drinks
The soft drink of today is more than a classic thirst quencher. Our customers continue to elevate soft drinks to new heights.



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