The benefits of canned beverages

There is no better packaging for beer – and other beverages –  than a can. We at Canlab are 100% convinced of this. Apart from realising the optimum flavour experience, it is our passion to personalise every product’s design until they simply leap off the shelves. We are happy to list all the benefits for you.


Do you know why beer bottles are often made of a dark coloured glass? That’s because beer doesn’t tolerate light. If light penetrates the packaging, beer can smell and produce a taste that can best be compared to the taste of cardboard. To guarantee the quality of beer that has been brewed with love, cans are the better choice. Cans transmit 0% harmful light, compared to at least 2% for bottled beer. Cans are provided with a fine film layer on the inside, which protects the product against taste influences. The idea that canned beer has an aluminum flavor comes from a time when this layer was not yet used.

In addition to light, oxygen is also not very conducive to the taste of a beer. Beer bottles are less perfectly sealed than cans. Over time, (a minimal amount of) air will pass under the crown cap. This causes the beer to oxidize and gradually changes the taste. And you guessed it… cans are completely oxygen-tight.

Shape and weight

Canned beer weights much less than bottled beer. That translates into lower shipping costs. In addition, cans are more compact and easy to stack. That makes a difference in transport, but also in your own storage. It is also better for the environment: transporting cans causes less CO2 emissions for these reasons.

Cool down time

Aluminum conducts a cold temperature much faster than glass. Customers can therefore enjoy a nice cold beer more quickly. In addition, it saves electricity!


By sleeving or printing cans, you can personalize the entire surface of your product. At Canlab we offer unique quality, which gives you the opportunity to develop your product according to your wishes. This way you have much more control over the appearance than if you could only design the label.


Aluminum is the only product in the world that can be recycled infinitely (with an almost 100% recovery rate). The product is allowed with PBD, but it is even reused in the residual waste. Most cans consist of almost 50% recycled material. Of course, glass can also be recycled, but compared to tin, it costs much more energy.