You provide

Booked on time. The design, beer on temperature, electricity, filtration, carbonating and 2 helping hands during the canning.

We provide

Printing labels, pre-labeled cans, machinery and an operator during filling.

How does the mobile canning line work?

The canning line itself is a complex machine with innumerable hoses, cables, sensors, and nozzles, but the process of canning on the Wild Goose 250M is relatively straightforward. While one person can operate the machine, it goes better with two (especially the setup and teardown). The main operator stands in front of the line and monitors the fillers to ensure consistent and accurate fills. Another operator feeds cans into the line, while the host brewery supplies a few hands at the end of the line to snap on the plastic can carriers, pack the 4- or 6-packs into cases, and palletize the packaged beer.

How do you guarantee the quality of the beer?

We offer in house canning of your beers, the right time and day for your product and will be glad to assist with your need for plain cans and carriers as well as labelled/sleeved cans. Also we provide industry standard sanitation, inspection of seams and o2 levels by independent lab.

How does the sleeving work?

Digital printed sleeves

What are the benefits of canned beer?

Cans are airtight and sealed off from light! Cans are provided on the inside with a lining, which protects the product from taste influence. The perception that canned beer has an aluminum taste comes from the time when the innovation of canned food was not yet in use.

Glass bottles weigh much more than aluminum cans, which logically translates into lower shipping costs.

Cans can be stored more easily than bottles. So you have space in your brewery to do what you do best. Also displays need less space to show more of your product.

Aluminum leds cold temperature much faster than glass. Your customers can enjoy your cold beer faster. And the can is ideal for on the road, to an (outdoor) activity such as a swimming pool.

By sleeving the cans you can apply almost all printing techniques. From a golden look to the personalization of the sleeves. The cost and versatility of printing offers you endless possibilities. CANLAB can also take care of the entire design process for you.

Aluminum is the only product in the world that can be recycled infinitely (with an almost 100% recovery). Most cans are almost 50% recycled material.


1500 liter

Per minute

40 cans

Various sizes

Basic, sleek & slim cans