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What are we good at?

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    A valued partner of small and medium-sized beverage producers Canlab specialises in optimally supporting customers that sell canned craft beer, wine, water, mixed drinks or other liquid specialities. We supply the cans, will can the products if necessary, and are happy to help you find a solution that suits you.
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    Large assortment in all sizes Standard, sleek or slim cans; we stock loads of cans in all shapes and sizes. Of course, we are also the place to go for lids, can clips and boxes. In need of advice? We are happy to help you find the best shape and appearance for your product.
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    Flexible delivery from stock Thanks to our extensive stock, we can guarantee short lead times. Like our mobile canning service, this offers flexibility. We'll do everything we can to make sure your product is canned as freshly as possible, in optimal conditions.
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    Plenty of options for personalisation Canlab specialises in sleeving, labelling and digital printing. We can supply labels and sleeves in small batches, and can similarly perform our printing services in (very) small runs!

The benefits of canned beer

Taste, taste, taste.

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Why canned beer?

There is no better packaging for beer – and other beverages –  than a can. We at Canlab are 100% convinced of this. Apart from realising the optimum flavour experience, it is our passion to personalise every product’s design until they simply leap off the shelves.


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