Our mobile canning line allows us to can your product at your location and at the time that suits you best. Serious investments* in your packaging line? No need for that. If you book our mobile canning line on time, we’ll make sure to be there the moment your product is in its optimal state.

How does it work?
We supply the bare, sleeved or printed cans and all required packaging. And we’ll bring our canning machine, of course. The mobile canning line (Wild Goose) is a complex machine with lots of hoses, cables, sensors and filling pipes. However, filling and sealing the cans is a pretty straightforward job. Sjoerd is our experienced operator, and takes care of the canning process. He constantly checks the monitors and filling pipes to make sure the cans are filled constantly and precisely.

What we need from you is beer (or another beverage) of the right temperature, electricity, filtration, carbonation and, if possible… a pair of hands to help with the filling process. The second operator feeds the cans into the line and helps to package the cans at the end of the line before stacking them on the pallet. On top of that, the building, cleaning and dismantling of the machine are a lot easier with a helping hand.

Minimum volumes
You can book our mobile canning line for production volumes of 1500 litres or over. In other words: about 4500 33cl cans. The canning machine operates at a speed of about 40 cans per minute. Just do the maths, and you’ll know how quickly the job will be done!

* Do you have your own canning line? We now offer technical support!

Please note: we currently only offer the mobile canning line in the Netherlands. Soon you will find an overview of partners in your area on this page.

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